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Rain for Rent's unique PipeStax are modular and durable pipe support blocks. By stacking the interlocking PipeStax blocks to your desired elevation, your hose and pipe will be stable and safe. PipeStax can easily be added to your existing cribbing or eliminate all wooden dunnage entirely. By removing piles of wood from your jobsite, tripping hazards are reduced. PipeStax are reusable, do not splinter and do not absorb liquid like typical wood used for cribbing.

Secure Against Corrosive Soils

Extend the life of your aluminum pipe by elevating irrigation lines above corrosvie soils with PipeStax.

Extend the Life of Your Pipe and Hoses

Protect connection points of discharge and suction points to prevent premature weakeniing and uneven wear over time.

Anchor to Wood, Asphalt, or Other Surfaces

PipeStax were engineered with anchor holes to connect to existing cribbing, or secure them for longer projects. 

Lightweight and Easy to Move Around The Jobsite

A vertical stack of 4 PipeStax blocks ares easy to carry safely with one arm. 

Modular Design Makes it Easy to Secure and Stack

The interlocking connections of PipeStax assemble with LEGO-like simplicity.

Cradling Design Prevents Pipe from Rolling

Protect your workers and damage to your equipment from the dangers of rolling pipe.

PipeStax protect pump discharge hoses from wear.

"I shoot for zero spills and this PipeStax setup gives me the confidence we aren't going to have any."

Completions Superintendent
Oil Exploration Company