Visible. Durable. Secure.

PipeStax replaces pipe cribbing to provide stability and support to your pipes and hoses.

Brilliantly designed PipeStax supporting pipe.

Brilliant Design

PipeStax modular design makes the support blocks easy to stack and adjust to your desired elevation. The stable, cradling design prevents pipes from rolling. The bright green color increases visibility and jobsite safety.

PipeStax reducing tripping hazards near water tank.

Reduced Hazards

PipeStax can easily be added to your existing cribbing or eliminate all wooden dunnage entirely. By removing piles of wood from your jobsite, tripping hazards are reduced and allow clear paths and walkways.

PipeStax supports pump suction lines.

Use Them Again and Again

PipeStax are reusable, will not splinter and do not absorb liquid. That means no more searching for a way to dispose of that absorbent wood used for cribbing. When the project is done, pick up and move everything to your next job.

Prepare your next jobsite with PipeStax modular support blocks.

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